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Remote Sensing & GIS

Agricultural Data Collection and Analysis

Understanding plant health is easy with the right tools.

Turning plants into data for deeper understandings

Plant Data


We can achieve super high levels of detail and precision using the best tools at our disposal. We pride ourselves in creating the best possible data products we can.


With a wide variety of use cases there is one thing that remains constant and that is the need for high quality data to begin analysis.


Not only is our technology capable of capturing high quality data sets but it scales seamlessly to capture super high details of very large areas. 

High Quality Plant Data

Our technology allows us to efficiently collect data that assists in agricultural applications.

RGB Imagery

Standard RGB imagery allows you to see in high detail what the area looks like from above. Ortho imagery is perfect for measuring and mapping.


Normalized Difference Vegetation Index is a dimensionless index that describes the difference between visible and near-infrared reflectance of vegetation cover and can be used to estimate the density of green on an area of land.

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