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Remote Sensing & GIS

How We Work
You tell us where and we figure out how

The Precision Ecology's process can be broken down into four distinct components: planning, acquisition, processing and delivery. During the planning phase we correspond to assess needs, create a plan of action, and submit project quote for approval. In the acquisition phase a field team is dispatched to collect the data set. Next during the processing phase the project’s data technician turns the raw flight data into the products discussed with the client. Finally in the delivery phase the finished data products are turned over to the client in the method discussed for their convenience.


There are countless applications for aerial mapping. 
From surveying to land management, remote sensing is changing the way industries conduct the most basic aspects of their work. Read more to learn remote sensing data can improve your organization's current operations. 

Precision Ecology provides real world data from your organization's local environment including:

  • RGB & MSI Orthomosaics

  • High Density Point Clouds

  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)

  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)

  • Contour Lines

  • Opensource Data

  • Tailored Data Products

Learn more below about our services on the how it works page!


To efficiently gather and analyze data, the most cutting-edge technology is needed. Read more to see what technology we utilize in our detailed aerial mapping services.

Our Technology 

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