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10 April 2022 • News Article

MicaSense Releases New Red Edge Panchromatic Sensor

Industry leading multispectral sensor manufacturer MicaSense recently announced the release of their new Red Edge-P Sensor. Learn more about it here.

05 April 2022 • News Article

Teledyne Announces New Hadron 640R Thermal Sensor

Technology company Teledyne FLIR recently announced the upcoming release of their new thermal and visible OEM sensor. Learn more about it here.

26 March 2022 • News Article

Wingtra Announces First Application to Oil Spill Clean Up

The geomatics team of Strategic Natural Resources Consulting recently announced the first use of the WingtraOne to assess and mitigate an oil spill. Learn more about it here.

22 March 2022 • News Article

Honeywell Announces Advances in Detect and Avoid System

Honeywell announced the successful implementation of a new detect and avoid software for autonomous UAVs. Learn more about it here.

24 February 2022 • News Article

Skylab Precision Forestry Announces New AI Accuracy

The German precision forestry software company announced new levels of accuracy achieved by its tailored machine learning algorithm. Learn more about it here.

09 February 2022 • News Article

Wingtra Shares Results of New Feasibility Study on Solar Energy Applications

The leading UAV robotics manufacturer announced the results of its feasibility study on solar and clean energy applications for their advanced mapping product. Learn more about it here.

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