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Remote Sensing & GIS

Risk Assessment

Designed to serve Florida and the Caribbean, Precision Ecology believes in using our data to support risk assessments and mitigation to help build better disaster response systems.

We believe better, more efficiently available information is the key to mitigating the effects of climate change.

Geospatial Integration


We can help your organization acquire high quality precise data routinely. Our intelligent systems allow you to create time series data every time you fly a site.


While the effects of climate change materialize in many forms there is one thing that remains constant: the need for high quality, high resolution, data that is easy to acquire and integrate into work.


Not only is our technology capable of capturing high quality data sets but it scales seamlessly to capture very large areas at super high levels of detail.

Collect Real World Data With Ease

Our integrated system allows you to efficiently collect relevant data in your local environment. Avoid the costs and pains of navigating the space on your own: our experts will consult your needs and help you build the right remote sensing program for your goals.

Area Acquistion

By providing time series RGB and multispectral data we help your organization identify critical trends affecting the environment and infrastructure in an area.

Data Product Development

Our team will then work with your organization's experts to create actionable intelligence from the data, helping you turn the knowledge deduced from the data into informed next steps.

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