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The Precision Ecology team is a group of young innovators who have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields. Our team is passionate about the field of remote sensing, our individual areas of expertise and the overlap between them. Ultimately, we are a dedicated group of friends on a mission to change the world one pixel at a time.

Meet the Team

Whitaker Redgate

Operations Management

Benjamin Kling


Parker Dinkins

Technology & Data

Victor Redondo


Alexander Leiva

Field Operations

Joseph Navarro

Agricultural Consultant

Remote Sensing & GIS

Where Innovation Meets Need

As the world accelerates the fight against climate change it has become clear that the developing world is not only more vulnerable to its effects, but they have less infrastructure to mitigate these effects. Precision Ecology's goal is bring the newest, most advanced tools and expertise for real world data collection and analysis to the front lines.

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